Why Your Story Does Not Need To Be Novel-Worthy To Attract Clients

“…but Juliette, my experiences are not THAT interesting…”


With one condition!

Let me address the most shocking discovery in my own journey of building my visibility for client attraction to my marketing mentorship & training business.

  • Education (in the classic sense — talking about the topic generally) does not sell.
  • Fact-sharing does not get people messaging you willing to sign up.
  • Advertisement-like posts do not raise hands.

What does attract paying clients — the ones that are correct for your offer and those who are perfectly aligned with you as a trainer/coach is the following combination.

First of all, addressing the SPECIFICS — in the area, your offer is helping your clients.
Leave generic education for textbooks. Or — even better- write some articles and get published on some prominent online publications. That will help you build your status as an authority in your niche and a thought-leader.

But here on Facebook, these kinds of posts do not “sell”. They do leave a sense of fulfilment in the knowledge gap… but that does not entice them to recognise the problem within. Too generic, too vague, often too dull.

We nod as we read. We might save the post.
BUT ultimately, we keep on scrolling.

On the opposite, when a very specific question is answered, the response can be exactly what you are hoping for: a raised hand, a message in your Messenger asking for more information, a booked call (if that’s your thing).

Your posts must focus on something specific that is actually causing confusion, frustration or keeps the reader stuck. Trust me, those questions could feel tiny to you as an expert, but they are HUGE to the person that feels trapped by them.

Secondly, adding your own experience or the experience of clients you helped regarding this specific question/feeling/block.

I personally learned to NEVER underestimate the HOW in the way a person reads-resonates-responds sequence when it comes to writing posts for client attraction.

Your story does not need to be in any way novel-worthy (although I believe each one’s life definitely IS). You just need to illustrate your own experience with that specific question/feeling/block.

Then the RIGHT person (who is dealing with the same issue) can recognise themselves in your story. They will develop a connection to YOU — someone who can understand what they are feeling, what causes so much frustration or pain.

And that connection is a powerful motivator to get rid of the pain or frustration with YOUR help. Because YOU KNOW that same pain.

This is why knowing precisely what your ideal client is dealing with on an everyday basis is key to creating what I call “handrising” content.

And what I learned on my journey is that when we are not focusing on getting to know our ideal client’s everyday issues, we tend to start writing on a higher, more generic level.

And we then do not trust that we ourselves have had the same issues or reservations. Because in most cases, we decide to help others and become experts in our niche through dealing with and overcoming these same minor issues. A lot of them. Which all added up to a bigger problem. Am I right?

So here is a formula for speaking directly to the right clients and getting the positive response you expect from your content:
SPECIFIC issues + YOUR Experience with it + Consistency and TIME.

And for the formula to work, you need a solid content plan and action plan to get it implemented.

THIS is what my Content To Leads 1:1 intensive offer is about. We can create an actionable content plan around your offer that helps you create content specific to your ideal client’s issues, struggles and desires.

And I will give you a weekly plan of action to create and post content strategically, mixing up your expertise with personal experiences and showing up and attracting clients authentically without coming across as boring or salesy.

Click here if you want to see more and also see if you may be the candidate to work with me and start creating “handraising” content straight away.




Marketing by Human Design for coaches and experts: align your strategies with who you really are!

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Juliette Stapleton - Your Online Visibility Guide

Juliette Stapleton - Your Online Visibility Guide

Marketing by Human Design for coaches and experts: align your strategies with who you really are!

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