Are You Taking Your Online Visibility Seriously?

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Nope. This is not an article where I will talk about how important it is to be visible. If you decided to read this, it tells me you already know that without being seen, getting more clients becomes simply impossible.

In the next couple of minutes that you will spend reading this, I want to talk about how hard it is to create a solid visibility routine and have enough discipline to stick to it.

The recipe for success is quite simple. I talk and write about it a lot:

1. Get SOCIAL: engage and create content that engages, entertains, and educates. All in good measure, or you can come across as either boring or annoying. Treat people just like you do in the offline world when you are talking and networking with potential clients and partners. Give and you shall be re-given!

2. Focus on PUBLICITY to elevate the authority and create the first impression that positions (and pre-sells) your expertise for you. This makes getting clients who pay what you are worth [and do what it takes] much easier!

The hard part is not knowing what to do. The HARDEST part, if you are a solopreneur and especially if you work from home, is to DO IT.

Most people start their own businesses because they dream of spending more time with their family, and they think working from home will help them achieve it. Unfortunately, working from home is the hardest situation to find yourself in. It will require you to be on your best behavior at all times if you want to succeed.

You see, for you (and me) there is no scary boss to please or deliver to. There will be no consequences, no angry conversations, no thread to be fired if we do not deliver something we set out to do on time. In fact, it is easy to just put the task off to the time when we will “feel like it“. WE ARE our own bosses, so we tend to let ourselves get away with murder.

Well, we do not actually murder anyone… except for our own dreams!

Because every time we let ourselves off the hook and allow ourselves to postpone what had to be done today — we are postponing the rewards too. We essentially make a decision to attract no money, no recognition, no that wonderful feeling of fulfillment. It doesn’t feel like it, our mind serves us a platter of excuses: wrong energy, something else needs doing right now (often much less important in the wrong run). We keep ourselves busy with nonsensical busywork, instead of getting stuck into what can benefit our visibility, our authority, our businesses, and as a result everything in our lives.

I am saying WE because I have to deal with the same dilemma every day of my life. I have to force myself into time-blocking, creating lists, and prioritising tasks. I have to make critical decisions on which tasks are not essential, say no to commitments that no longer fit my schedule, and reach out and follow up on people who I believe need my help or can contribute to my growth. And this is outside serving my existing clients — the core of my business.

I understand and feel the frustration and the pressure being an entrepreneur and wanting to have life on your terms puts on us day after day.

But nothing happens without an intentional effort put into it consistently. And therefore, when it comes to online visibility — marketing your business, growing and building relationships with your audience, working on creating collaboration opportunities that can elevate your status and leverage your efforts — having the discipline to hold yourself accountable is the most valuable skill that will guarantee your success.

So let’s just pause for a second and ask yourself: “Am I taking my marketing seriously? Am I doing everything it takes to be seen and to be perceived as someone worth following? Someone with an unignorable brand? Someone who shows the way that inspires confidence, someone who can transform the way others see themselves, dream bigger, claim their worth?”

This is the question I ask myself every day.

It is the question that helps me tap into my WHY, my bigger vision, and fuels my ability to stick to my plan of action no matter what. This is why I want to share it with you today — because your WHY is why you started your business in the first place.

It’s time to honor it with consistent action, patience, and trust.

Focusing on your visibility as an expert creates magic both in your business and your life through feeling accomplished and finally free!

Believe me, when I say, you will have so much more free time if you just do it!

If you need guidance, my Visibility That Sells Accelerator may be a great way to start (and continue) showing up without excuses.




Marketing by Human Design for coaches and experts: align your strategies with who you really are!

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Juliette Stapleton - Your Online Visibility Guide

Juliette Stapleton - Your Online Visibility Guide

Marketing by Human Design for coaches and experts: align your strategies with who you really are!

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