My content is not working, I only have friends and family engaging on my posts.

If this thought has ever crossed your mind and perhaps made you question if you are doing something wrong, or perhaps even worse, that nobody is interested in what you have to say (or what you help other with), I beg you to keep reading.

You see there is so much noise about building engagement and that it is all about “going viral”. …

Have you been holding yourself back from posting about your offers on your personal profile?

Even if you are sending friends requests to people with an intention to generate some leads for your business?

Are you holding yourself back in fear that you may get into the FACEBOOK JAIL if you do?

Let me explain how it works.

Apart from a lengthy conversation I could have here about how the algorithm works to help you understand that your personal profile is where you can avail of most eyes on your content (comparing to your Business page, if you are not…

When it comes to social media marketing for coaches, you may already know that content is king! But how can we write a post in a way that it is clear, easy to understand and promotes our program in a way that doesn’t give off a salesy vibe? Today I bring you good news, it is possible, and it works.

In a few minutes you will know exactly how to create a post that raises hands, gets people reach out to you wanting more information and ready to work with you. …

Every entrepreneur’s dream is to run a business that feels incredible and satisfying. But is this actually achievable and how can it be done? When I asked this question to my entrepreneurial followers on Facebook, I was not surprised to see that the key criteria for their happiness and satisfaction was to work with people who truly appreciate them.

When my clients tell me they are struggling to attract business through conversations (which is such an essential part of building your visibility and business and on social media alike), I often see that they seem to be operating from a…

I just received confirmation of being featured in Forbes in a week from now. Wow!

3 years ago I did not even think about it.
Last year it was a dream.
TODAY it is a reality…

Here is my story how I went from never even considering to deliberately working on getting featured in such a HUGE publication.

When I started my online business in 2017, I had little clue what I was doing. …

One of the biggest blocks you may experience is the lack of clarity. Clarity on WHAT you need to do, clarity on HOW you need to do it for maximum efficiency (more on that later). Clarity on WHAT IF depending on what blocks and obstacles you may encounter.

What I see often is that entrepreneurs are trying to look at the big picture and set themselves BIG goals, and yet they have no idea how to get there.

Would you like to know WHY?

Because most people in the world are really really bad at chasing goals and you may…

Bots. The whole idea sounds so attractive. Imagine having a flow of leads on autopilot, all dying to start working with you.

But that is in a dream scenario.

Because for messenger bots to be effective, you need to, at the very least, know your ideal client, their behaviour and what triggers them into action, better than you know yourself.

It would help if you also had a fully validated path that is guaranteed to take your ideal client from clicking that Get Started button, to saying Yes to you. (Eventually, I mean).

And what I KNOW — is that…


The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make online while connecting to others is behaving in a way that feels like the world is spinning around them. (Especially and unfortunately often seen in the world of coaches.)

They send you their first message and straight up ask you to go watch their videos or go join their group, or simply send you a big elevator pitch kind of intro.

Or worst of all, they start sharing their posts and videos with you in private…

by Juliette Stapleton | Jul 15, 2019

July is probably the worst month for marketers EVER! They do not tell you that, but secretly they all admit it behind the scenes.

Have you noticed that you have not been 100%? Have you started something but failed to stick to it 100%? Or have you done everything it takes, but all you are hearing is the sound of crickets on your offers or promotional posts?

You are not alone!

Here are the activities I suggest you re-focus for the summer season, when all your leads seem to be on holidays and…

Live video by nature is something that might feel very scary, particularly if you are a perfectionist and like to get things “right’ before the public sees them.

Let me know go bursting the perfectionism bubble, which really is just showing how insecure you are and how you are terrified of judgement and rejection. Those are separate issues to my story, yet nonetheless, if you do like getting things right, I recommend thinking twice about the true reasons behind it…

With live video when you hit that go live button, anything can happen. …

Juliette Stapleton

Visibility Strategist for coaches and service providers. Get more & better clients online spending less time on your marketing!

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